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Is your community ready to thrive?

Is your community not sure that new development is a good idea?

Is your zoning code older than ten years?

Do you know where your tax revenue comes from?

Is your community vulnerable to flooding or other hazards?

Do you know which community infrastructure is critical?

Do you have a plan for disaster recovery?

Does your community have a vision for the future?

Is your community ready to face population or environmental challenges?

Is your community welcoming to everyone? 

At Community Resilience Consulting LLC, we believe that a strong town is a resilient town. CRC is a dynamic and innovative consultancy firm that fosters and enhances walkable, sustainable, vibrant, strong towns, coupled with physical and fiscal resilience. With a deep commitment to sustainable development, long-term decision-making, and disaster preparedness, we offer tailored solutions and strategic guidance to help clients navigate and thrive in various challenges, ranging from natural disasters to economic uncertainties. Our expertise and collaborative approach empower communities to build strength and adaptability, ensuring a more secure and prosperous future.

Is your community ready to thrive?

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